Do you feel like you've lost yourself? Are you unfulfilled with everyday life? 

Your Self Love Coach

You are so full of life and love, but there seems to be something blocking your progress.


Your days are beginning to blend together and you can't even remember what makes you happy. You have spent the majority of your life worrying and taking care of others and somewhere along the way you forgot to take care of you.

I am here to help you along your journey to a more confident loving you. Together we will reveal what has always been inside of you; a strong, loving, vibrant, beautiful woman!

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Consistency is the difference between having everything and having nothing!



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I met Laniece when she moved text door and I would take her food to try.  Then I started taking her my goodies and she would always ask why I'm not selling these.  It was always the same answer " I don't have time.  Never one to cuddle her words she made it clear that I was wasted a talent . So here we are two and a half years later and I'm moving mountains to get my business off the ground. She is truly that person that help center me and realizing my happy place has always been in the kitchen.  

Laniece is a breath of fresh air! I was at a difficult point in my life and had the pleasure of attending her seminar. It was exactly what I needed! I left feeling like I could do anything!

I was introduced to Laniece through a friend and I am forever grateful. Working with Laniece has been a pleasure. She is very professional and in tune with the needs of her clients. She gives it to you straight!

Cori Boxley

Stephaine Hykes

Casey Johnson

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