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Illuminate Your Essence

1:1 Coaching

Illuminate your Essence is unlike any other experience.


Our time will be spent oscillating through the steps below to breakdown and through whatever has been holding you back.

This intimate 1:1 experience has been created to safely hold and begin nurturing the parts of you that want to grow.


We will focus on what it is you desire to accomplish over the next 3 to 6 months

Together, we will go to the depths needed for you to begin to feel safe enough to soften. This softening will allow for you to experience more love and joy in your daily life.



We will unearth repetitive patterns that have kept you blocked from feeling,
expressing, and embodying the woman you are becoming. We will use
somatic integrative practices that will support the shifts happening mentally,
spiritually, an physically.

Recurso 21.png


Together we will begin to really focus on the parts of you that have been ignored or forgotten. Together we will tap into what brings you joy and how
to create/be in joy daily in absence of your accomplishments.


In order to create space, there must be a release. We will go to every space of
your being and release what no longer serves the woman you are becoming.
From anger and trauma, to releasing beliefs that keep you small.


This space will challenge

you in areas to push past
your comfort zone and

own who you are!

Owning who you are in a way
that is loving and with a confidence that is strong, yet soft.

Coaching Package

You can choose a 3 month or a 6 month coaching package

both packages include:

Initial Assessment:

We will start with an initial assessment to identify your goals,challenges, and areas of growth.

1:1 Coaching Sessions:

You will receive a series of 1:1 coaching sessions where we willwork together to break down and overcome whatever has been holding you back. Wewill oscillate through the following steps:


We will begin each session with a reflective exercise to help you connectwith your inner self and bring awareness to your current state.


We will explore the root causes of your challenges and identify limitingbeliefs, emotions, and patterns that are preventing you from reaching your goals.



We will work on building your confidence and self-esteem, anddevelop new strategies and tools to help you overcome obstacles and achieve yourgoals.


You will receive guidance and support to take action towards your desiredoutcomes, and we will track your progress throughout the coaching journey.

Personalized Resources:

You will receive personalized resources, such as worksheets,exercises, and tools, to support your growth and help you implement the insights andstrategies we discuss in the coaching sessions.

Ongoing Support:

You will have access to ongoing support via email or messagingbetween sessions, to help you stay motivated, accountable, and focused on yourgoals.


We will focus on integrating the insights and transformations from ourcoaching sessions into your daily


6 month coaching package

  • Access to any courses that are released during our time together.

  • Priority access for all events online and in person.

  • 3 & 6 month follow up call after sessions are completed.

  • Discounted price to in person retreat.

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