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About Laniece

Have you ever known that you were designed for more, but life circumstances seemed to be telling you differently? That is how I spent most of my adolescence and early twenties. So let me give you a little insight into who I am.

I am one of nine beautiful children, so finding my own voice was something I had to do early on. It was either find your voice or get lost in the pack! So that's what I set out to do. Making plenty of mistakes along the way.

Fast forward to me joining the Air Force at 19. I joined the military because I felt I needed more discipline and who better than the military to teach it to me (yeah right). If you ever attend my Self Love Seminar's you will hear how well that went. 

While in the military for 8 years I managed to meet the most amazing man at 21, and 12 years later we are still married with 3 beautiful children. Navigating marriage, military, mommying, and everything else you could imagine proved to be quite the challenge, and the most rewarding.

So what brought me to becoming a Self Love Coach?

When life speaks to you if you don't listen it will speak even louder. This is a lesson that I have been learning but was hard for me to understand in the beginning.


August 2, 2014, it was my wedding anniversary. This is a day that should have been spent celebrating, but instead, it was the day that I laid in pre-term labor; 5 months pregnant with our twins. After being in the hospital for what seemed like an eternity, we lost our twins that very day. It was the most gut-wrenching life-altering moment ever.


After such a loss it sent me into a journey of self-discovery and I came out transformed. I went on to finish my Masters in Social Work. My journey to Self Love was an awakening that I had to share with anyone who would listen. I wanted every woman to feel this unconditional love and that is when coaching found me. 

I am here to teach you the foundations of Self Love that are built on four pillars; Self Love, Self Respect, Self Awareness, Self Confidence.

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