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The Experience


Laniece's workshops are designed to awaken any dormant potential within you. From her  knowledge to her lived experiences, her workshops are immersive and impactful. She pulls from real life events and allows her audience to go on journey with her. Her ability to create a safe atmosphere where tough conversations are turned into opportunities for growth is like no other. In return her audiences leave with tools and knowledge about themselves that allows them to excel in whatever area they choose.

Hear what previous audiences have to say...

Marsha Cox, NC

"The intentionality of the “Becoming Her” event hosted by Laniece Listens was like a very long embrace from a good friend It was GOOD for the soul"

Are you and your team looking to gain new perspectives? Perspectives that will drive introspection, innovation and growth? Laniece offers a variety of workshops & will tailor to meet the needs of your group. Click the button below to book your consultation & prepare yourself for an experience like never before.

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